Alexander Andreiev
Partner, CCO

Let us first explain what the Unique Services mean

This means creating a business project fit for your unique situation or goal. But since the goal must be achievable, we’ll assist you in setting it accurately.

Our services cover all legal and economic criteria required for your business to be successfully and safely operated.

Legal Criteria:

  • review of the customer’s legal standing;
  • discussions and advice on processing the incorporation documents and choosing the licence conditions;
  • optimizing operational and business records.

You should be aware of very sensitive penalties for all inconsistencies or violations in business activities set forth by the laws. Their compliance is strictly and scrupulously controlled by the local regulatory agencies.

Economic Criteria:

  • working out a business plan;
  • calculating the project cost efficiency;
  • developing preferable business processes;
  • implementing cost and tax accounting.

We arrange our work with you as follows:

1. Figure out the current state of business

2. Identify the goal(s).

3. Analyse the existing situation.

4. Work out an individual organizational and structural plan with the project cost efficiency estimated.

5. Implement the project.

The Project may include:

  • restructuring property;
  • registering a company of an appropriate incorporation form in a foreign jurisdiction and its integration into a general business structure;
  • renewing contracts;
  • many other matters.