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For your convenience, we have provided basic information that will help you to choose an appropriate legal form of the company and its place of registration.

A local company with the right to conduct business throughout the UAE and outside.

An onshore company with the right to conduct business within the FEZ and outside the UAE.

An offshore company with the right to conduct business solely outside the UAE.



When ordering a turnkey company with us, you can be sure that everything will be done competently and promptly.

Moreover, you get a bonus — the UAE tax domicile certificate service, if you order a turnkey company registration with us. The comprehensive registration includes obtaining licenses, opening an account and getting visas.

In order to receive our offer for registering a company in the UAE which will meet your goals the best way, please use our online Company Formation Questionnaire:

We will make you an offer you can’t refuse!



We are confident that that due to knowledge, expertise and optimization of organizational processes, our assistance in certain matters will be much more profitable for you, than if you do it yourself.


Opening Accounts in the UAE Banks

Preparation of the application.
Stage one: сarrying out of collection and analysis of documents in accordance with UAE banks requirements. For this, we recommend you to take a use of our online Application Form, where all the necessary information about you and your company should be entered for further submission to bank. Based on the information provided, the bank's compliance department will decide on opening an account for your company. We will examine how accurately the information you provide meets the expectations of the bank and, if necessary, we will help you adjust it in the best way.


Accompanied visits.
1. Our skilled professional will accompany you in negotiations at the bank; assist in conducting them efficiently and save a lot of your time.

2. We have a well-established relationship with appropriate bank employees; thereby making many decisions will be favorable for you.

Your benefits. 
You benefit grom the time saved, no expenditures for multiple visits and a long stay in the UAE. 

If you start opening an account yourself, even if all the conditions and requirements of the bank art met, it will take at least 10 business days for you to stay in the UAE, for at least 2 visits. Each day in the UAE will cost you from $200.

If you assign it to us, then you will nedd to visit the UAE only pnce and spend one day here.

Important! If you have been refused in the bank, such a bank will be closed for you forever.

Getting a Resident Visa

Preparing an application.
Selecting an appropriate and economically feasible option to get a resident visa.

We will make arrangements and provide you with a possibility to pass medical tests quickly and seamlessly; get your Emirates ID without your presence.

Your benefits.
You benefit from the time saved, no expenditures for a long stay in the UAE.

Should you decide to get a resident visa yourself, then you will have to visit the UAE twice and spend at least 6 business days here during the first visit to apply for a visa, pass medical tests and apply for Emirates ID. Your Emirates ID will be ready in no event sooner than 10 business days. Thus, in order to get it and the visa, You will have to fly to the UAE once again or stay here during all this time. Each day of stay in the UAE will cost you from $ 200.

If you assign it to us, then you will need to visit the UAE only once and spend here three days.

Getting the UAE Tax Domicile Certificate

Preparing an application.
Review of corporate and KYC documents, proper execution and submission of all necessary forms to the government regulatory agency.

Your benefits.
We have gained experience in obtaining certificates, and this experience is valuable. This is our know-how. Without such an experience and knowledge of a number of local features, the chance of obtaining the certificate at all or getting it within a reasonable time is almost unbelievable.

But the greatest benefit you can count on is receiving our service of getting the Tax Domicile Certificate for you as a bonus. We will offer you this bonus if you order the turnkey registration of your onshore company in the UAE with us.

Outsourcing the ““Relevant Activities”

We will provide you with a package of services that includes classification, legal opinion, substance in the jurisdiction, filing annual reports or any other information to the regulatory agency, thereby being fully compliant with the requirements to the "Economic Substance", set forth by the Resolution No 31 dated April 30, 2019.

The package of services includes:

1. Classification of Business Activities.
You fill in our questionnaire; on the basis of the information
provided we prepare a resolution, which determines,
whether your business activities are within the scope of
application of the laws.

2. Verifying and Providing a Legal Opinion from a Lawyer or an Auditor in the UAE.
A legal review of the portfolio and a legal
opinion, as well as consulting on a suitable solution in terms of the
economic substance in the UAE.

3. Director Services, Outsourced Office Space and
HR Solutions.

In view of our own office in the UAE, we can provide
certain jurisdiction solutions, including directors, office space,
employees and other similar outsourced services, since the UAE laws admit that for the purpose of demonstrating appropriate expenses for employees and tangible assets, a company may outsource the Related Activities to a third-party service provider, provided that:
• a company can demonstrate a proper control over outsourced activities;
• the outsourced activities are carried out in the UAE;
• the outsourcer ensures its own substance, which is not taken into account when providing outsourced services to other companies.  

4. Registration of a Company Status with a Regulatory Agency.
We register a status of the customer’s company with the local regulatory authority.

Your benefits:
– tax residence is equivalent to a physical one, and therefore corresponds to the MLI convention;
– qualified compliance with all Economic Substance requirements;
– much more profitable as compared to the independent substance;
– preserving the previous business process algorithm.

Redomiciliation of the Companies from Other Offshore Jurisdictions to the UAE

Preparing an application.
Review of the legal entity and its jurisdiction.

Collection and submission of appropriate forms and original documents to the government regulatory agency for redomiciliation of the company.

Your benefits.
You cannot do this yourself, since such a service can only be provided by a registered agent. We are a licensed registered agent in the two UAE offshore zones: RAK ICC и Ajman Offshore.

Choose the services you are interested in and let's discuss the details!