International Business Company

IBC Features in Ras Al Khaimah:

  • Minimum share capital is AED 1.
  • A possibility of redomiciliation of offshore companies from other jurisdictions to Ras Al Khaimah.

The following activities are allowed:

  • Holding (purchase, shareholding, and sale of shares).
  • Investment.
  • Real estate ownership.
  • Shipment and freight forwarding.
  • Commission agent’s activities.
  • General trading.
  • Consulting.

Requirements to Office.

An IBC may own real estate in the UAE with a permit from the Land Department. In this case, the company shall have a registered address. This address may be used to receive correspondence and for other secretarial functions. The address is provided by the registered agent.

IBC General Features in the UAE:

  • No currency control and regulation.
  • Prompt registration: 1-3 days.
  • The UAE is not FATF blacklisted
  • Closed registers of the company’s officials, shareholders and beneficiaries.
  • The company may be registered without a personal visit to the UAE.


All prices include VAT 5%
Company Incorporation: USD
IBC Incorporation in RAK ICC 2,050
Additional activity type 200*
Yearly renewal of IBC in RAK ICC 2,000
* If more than 3 types of activity are necessary, an extra fee is charged for each additional activity.
Redomiciliation: USD
Redomiciliation of IBC to RAK ICC from another jurisdiction 2,500
Redomiciliation of IBC from RAK ICC to another jurisdiction 2,500
Assistance with the opening of a bank account in UAE 3,000
Administrative Services: USD
Company director services, per year 1260
Secretarial services, per year 475
Drafting and/or receiving documents: USD
Activity Confirmation Letter 260
Letter of Attorney (director is provided by AC Business Experts) 160
Consulate/Embassy Legalization, per 1 document 1,105*
Good Standing Certificate 450
Certificate of Tax Exemption 480
Certificate of Incumbency 500
Renewal Confirmation Letter 315
NOC letter 525**
* The price does not include the embassy rate. The rate depends on the country in which the embassy is located.
** Including all non-standard letters.
Other Services: USD
Registration of Standard Memorandum & Articles of Association (in Arabic) 475
Registration of Share Certificate 315
Amendments: USD
Change of Information Pertaining to Shareholders 895
Change of Information Pertaining to Director 685
Change of Information Pertaining to Secretary 685
IBC name change 1,100*
RAK ICC Registered Agent altering 1,100
Registration of the full set of amended MOA & AOA 1,100
Request for Amendment of Memorandum & Articles of Association, per 1 document 315**
Filling UBO declaration/Company Registers 100
* Includes Name Change Certificate and MOA amendment.
** The price does not include the embassy rate. The rate depends on the country in which the embassy is located.
Urgent Service  (reviewing /approval of Application in one day): 735


  • Payment of the fees does not guarantee that your request will be approved.
  • Incorporation or renewal of a company owned by more than 3 shareholders is charged USD100 for each additional shareholder.

Penalties upon out-of-time renewal of a company:

  1. A company is to be renewed within two calendar months from the expiration date of its existing registration.
  2. When the two-months grace period has expired a penalty would take effect as listed in the scale below:
    • within 3rd month from the expiration date – USD100
    • within 5th month from the expiration date – USD800
    • Starting from the 6th month from the expiration date, a warning of expulsion from the Companies Register is issued to the company. Within 1 month after receiving the warning, the company has the right to turn to the Registrator with a request for an extension, but only after the penalty is paid. In case the penalty is not paid, the company is automatically struck off from the Companies Register.
  3. A company whose name is no longer listed in the Companies Register may be reinstated by the Registrar’s approval and after the payment of all relevant fees and penalties in full amount is done, plus USD150 of a flat restoration fee.