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If bustling Dubai is more to your taste for retirement or a holiday home, you'll be pleased to learn it's not excessively expensive to qualify for residency there. The emirate offers visas to foreign nationals who invest a minimum $272,000 (nearly Dh1 million) in property. The reason why this is


Long-term UAE residence visa. The criteria for obtaining it.

As known, the maximum validity period of the UAE resident visa has been limited by two or three years depending on local regulations of Free Trade Zones or the UAE authority's rules for the mainland. As soon as it expires you need to re-apply to extend its validity, along with making proper payment


The Onshore Company or simply “the onshore”. Let’s clarify the meaning of this term.

  For instance, many consider this to be synonyms for an offshore company or just ”offshore”. Some might even deem this to be a misspelling of the good ol’ "offshore". Whilst the closest approximation to its core meaning have got those who think this is a term for every local company that is


Opening a bank account in the UAE, is it complicated?

  As known, the trickiest and controversial part during setting up a business at the prosperous foreign jurisdiction is establishing a proper bank account. The 'proper' means an account that would be an all-green status for other well-doing jurisdictions, where your payments and money


Why would foreigners establish a business in the UAE?

  In the first instance, it’s a quite wealthy country with high standard of living, a deep domestic market, while at the same time open for foreign entrepreneurs. The UAE offers foreign citizens simple and very favourable conditions for creating and running an inland business. In the first


Economic substance rules in the UAE: still the best, but up to a point

  In order not to be blacklisted by the EU for non-compliance with the requirements of the BEPS Action Plan, the UAE was forced to adopt the Normative Act on Economic Presence. Act #31 was taken on April 30, 2019. So, what are the main requirements for Economic Substance? First, let us